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Designed for Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on

The Sessionboard 86” by Weframe was built from the ground up for teamworking. It facilitates better meetings with every detail – and final closes the technology gap in the meeting room.

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Group Experience

Technology in the meeting room needs to be accessible to all participants – at the same time. The Sessionboard guides and supports teams through all activities. With an intuitive interface, from the first text sketches to the final result.

86 Inches – Enough room for everything and everyone

Boasting 86’’ screen size and 4K resolution, the Sessionboard provides ample space for all ideas and team members:

  • Room for several people to physical interact with the screen
  • Visibility and reach for all participants in the room
  • Prominent display of all ideas and content
Multi-Touch – Hands-on experiences as a group

Touch-Technology lets the entire team participate:

  • Simultaneous interactive workflows for several participants, up to 20 touch interfaces
  • Natural handwriting and automatic pen recognition – with the Weframe Pen
  • Write, type and swipe – all members can work towards common results at the same time
A single button » Get started with one push

With the Sessionboard, productivity is always just a push of a button away:

  • One-Button-Startup – The on/off switch launches Weframe One on the Sessionboard 86”
  • One-Tap-Productivity – A single tap on the start screen leads to team collaboration

High Efficiency Workplace

The Sessionboard 86" is a workhorse for high-powered teamwork. Engineered for high performance, it allows for intuitive workflows in room and group settings.

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WF Icon eyewide

86’’ screen size and 4K resolution provide the capacity to display all new ideas in stunning detail.

Up to 20 touchpoints allow for interactive collaboration with several hands and pens in play.

Bright backlighting excels under all ambient light conditions.

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WF Icon multiuser

Direct Optical Bonding guarantees for distortion free display – even viewed from the side of the room.

InGlass-Touch-Technology provides accurate and reliable input.

It also automatically distinguishes between finger and pen, which passively enables simple interaction without costly technology.


Sessionboards are conceptualized and developed by our Design and Engineering teams in Munich – and they only have the end user mind.

Feel Present in the Room

Equipped with high-quality multimedia technology, the Sessionboard 86” makes hybrid meetings and conferences feel like everyone is in the same room.

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WF Icon camprivacy

View the entire group

The built-in 6.3-megapixel camera captures the room in rich detail and brings teams together across different locations.

Hands-on privacy controls and intuitive interface

The webcam's flip cover allows for safely activating and ending all video functionality on the Sessionboard with a simple gesture.

WF web MOBILE tooltest audio

Speakers & Microphone

WF Icon sound

Perfect sound

The Sessionboard 86'' renders a rich audio experience of speech, music and room atmosphere via the built-in 2.1 speakers system.

Speak calmly, perfectly audible to everyone

No need to shout. The Sessionboard 86'' creates a relaxed conversation atmosphere by rendering voice clearly. No extra accessories or cables, thanks to beamforming technology and noise suppression.


The Sessionboard facilitates connections – between participants and their devices. The possibilities are broad, set-up never complicated:

Ready for better meetings?

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